INTECH Core Values

Core Values

In Intech, the core value of the company is enhanced, all officers and employees are understood, all thought and action are directed at maintaining and affirming the core values that the company has set out.

I. Mission

1. Affirm and build the new value higher than the society's
2. Build happiness and sustainable development of the society
3. Build the organization with fair, progressive, always record and reward the efforts of individuals and collective

II. Business philosophy

1. Satisfy customers with "Product high quality - Good service - Competitive price”
2. Always increase value of the product to satisfy maximum demand of customers and society
3. Conforming the law of nature, continual effort to build the company to develop and everlast based on foundation of the individuals, collective and society development
4. Profit is only as means to carry out mission and other value of the company

III. Commitment to implementation

1. Work and đeicate with the highest sense of responsibility
2. Employees and organization always improve ability to build the core value
3. Thinking with overall but action with detail