INTECH Quality Policy

Quality Policy

Intech pledges to focus all resources to ensure thorough implementation of quality policy.

I. Product quality is always improved by:
1. Continuous application and improvement of "quality management system" to conform to ISO 9001: 2008 standards, product quality is clearly identified and thoroughly implemented at each stage, component and each core. ;
Only quality assurance products can reach customers in order to build quality message and build strong brand INTECH;
3. Always try to improve the quality of products to satisfy the maximum desire and interests of customers;
II. Company quality is closely linked to product quality by:
1. Determined to build a company with "Quality Products - Professional Services - Competitive Prices";
2. Create advanced and scientific production environment in order to maximize production in order to improve the quality of products, reduce costs and costs in order to increase competitiveness by investing in machinery and equipment. production equipment, technical research, development, training and development of human resources of high quality;
3. Always research and develop new products that bring higher values ​​to customers and society to build together core values ​​of the business;
4. Encourage, encourage and encourage creative research to create new values ​​of the enterprise;
5. Build a friendly, dynamic and creative working environment so that individuals maximize their capacity and the company maximizes collective strength;

III. Quality goals:

1. 100% of products on the factory are checked quality, fine art and only the quality products are exported to customers;

2. All products handed over to customers ensure quality and achieve the purpose of use of customers;

3. No customer complain about the quality, progress of products and services;

All employees of Intech Vietnam are aware that the development and prosperity of the company is only achieved when customer needs are satisfied;
                                                                                     Hanoi, December 30, 2014
                                                                                                  GENERAL DIRECTOR